What are the different types of trailer in the transport sector?

When it comes to transporting various loads, choosing the right type of trailer is crucial. 

Whether you're a transport professional or an individual, selecting the right trailer for your needs can make all the difference. 

In this article, we'll explore the different types of trailers available on the market, focusing on their unique features and specific applications.

The diversity of trailer types available on the market offer specific solutions to a variety of transport needs. 

From transporting bulky loads to providing protection from the elements, every type of trailer has its own specific requirements.


The flatbed trailer is a versatile option designed with an open loading surface, offering maximum flexibility for transporting goods of all shapes and sizes. 

Its flat bed makes it easy to load a variety of cargoes, from bulky building materials to heavy equipment.

Expandable flatbed

The extendable flatbed trailer is suitable for non-standard costs

Its extendable nature means that the length of the platform can be adjusted as required, making it ideal for transporting long or bulky loads, while guaranteeing safe transport.

Flatbed with retractable cover

This trailer combines the simplicity of a flatbed platform with the added protection of a retractable tarpaulin. 

Ideal for transporting weather-sensitive goods, this option offers a versatile solution while ensuring cargo safety.

Step deck trailer

The step deck trailer, also known as a double-deck trailer, is specially designed for transporting high loads. 

Its main platform is lowered at axle level, providing extra space for bulky cargo while ensuring a safe transport height.

Double drop deck trailer

The double drop deck trailer, also known as the "lowboy", features two sections lowered to accommodate particularly high loads. 

This design makes it possible to transport large industrial equipment while offering a reduced transport height to facilitate passage under bridges.

RGN trailer (removable gooseneck)

The RGN trailer features a removable front section, making it easy to load and unload heavy equipment such as construction machinery. 

Its innovative design allows the front section to be tilted to create a ramp, simplifying the process.

B-Train trailer

The B-Train trailer consists of two trailers coupled one behind the other, offering increased load capacity while complying with length standards. 

It's an efficient option for transporting goods over long distances.

Container chassis

Ideal for intermodal container transport, the container chassis offers a solid structure for securing and efficiently moving standard containers. 

This trailer is essential in the maritime and intermodal transport sector.

Dry van closed trailer

The dry van enclosed trailer offers complete protection from the elements and prying eyes. 

Often used for transporting sensitive goods, it ensures maximum safety throughout the journey.

Platform truck or hotshot

The flatbed truck, also known as a hotshot, is a fast, flexible option for transporting small loads. 

Thanks to its compact size, it can reach hard-to-reach places, offering a practical solution for fast, efficient deliveries.

trailer type

Choosing the right type of trailer for your needs is a crucial step in ensuring safe, efficient transport of your goods. 

First of all, assess the nature of your cargo. If you're transporting large or irregularly-shaped objects, a flatbed or extendable trailer could be the ideal solution, offering adjustable loading surface or length. 

If protection from the elements is paramount, an enclosed dry van trailer may be preferable. Also consider the frequency and distance of your trips. 

For particularly high loads, a step deck or double drop deck trailer may be required. If you operate in the intermodal transport sector, a container chassis is essential. 

Also make sure your vehicle is compatible with the type of trailer you plan to use and the transport distance.

Lastly, take into account the specific features of your sector of activity, whether it's construction, the automotive industry or the retail sector. freight transport general. 

By carefully analyzing these factors, you can choose the type of trailer best suited to your specific needs, ensuring smooth, efficient logistics.

Properly securing cargo on a trailer is an essential step in ensuring reliable, trouble-free transport. 

First of all, it's crucial to choose the type of trailer according to the nature of the cargo. A flatbed trailer will require a different attachment than a closed trailer. 

It is essential to use appropriate straps, chains and locking devices to hold the load firmly in place. It is also important to evenly distribute the weight of the cargo on the trailer to avoid any potential imbalance. 

For higher loads, such as on a step deck or double drop deck trailer, make sure that the maximum permitted height is respected. 

Other regional safety standards must also be observed. Make sure cargo is visible and marked in accordance with current regulations.

Ensuring the safety of your cargo is paramount during transport, and that's why calling on experienced professionals like Transport BTI can make all the difference. 

At Transport BTI, we understand the importance of proper load securing, especially for non-standard goods.

Our specialized teams are trained to handle various types of trailers, from flatbeds to extendable trailers, to meet your specific needs. 

Thanks to our expertise, we guarantee rigorous securing of your cargo, in compliance with the strictest safety standards. Don't hesitate to Contact us !

trailer type

Optimizing the load space of an enclosed dry van trailer is crucial to maximizing transport efficiency while reducing costs. 

The key is strategic load planning. Start by grouping items of similar size to minimize empty space. 

Use locking devices and straps to secure cargo and prevent movement during transport. 

Consider using shelves or pallets to take advantage of trailer height and avoid wasting vertical space. Organize your cargo so that you can easily access the items you need without having to move the whole load. 

By opting for intelligent packaging solutions and minimizing unused space, you can considerably increase the loading capacity of your dry van trailer. 

At Transport BTI, we are logistics efficiency specialists. Contact us for transport services that will optimize your enclosed trailer space while ensuring the safety of your cargo.

At Transport BTI, we're proud to offer a full range of services to meet all your logistics and transportation needs. 

Whether for general transportcargoes out of the ordinary or solutions from sea transportour expertise is at your service. 

For your everyday challenges, our general transportation service offers a reliable and efficient solution, ensuring that your goods arrive at their destination on time. 

When it comes to more complex challenges, such as transporting oversized loads, our specialists deploy tailor-made strategies to handle your most delicate cargo with care and precision. 

What's more, our expertise in maritime transport ensures optimal management of your international shipments, with seamless coordination of your logistics operations worldwide. 

At Transport BTI, we aim to simplify your logistics challenges with a personalized approach and innovative transport solutions. 

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